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Single Origin 80% Dark Chocolate Bar

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Region: Tabanan, Bali 

Farm: Samsaman 

Variety: Forastero / Trinitario 


The Classic. Our premium chocolate bars, made with pure cacao and no additives. Utilizing Bali's naturally beautiful terroir, specifically Tabanan's, we have achieved a truly delicious Balinese chocolate bar without compromise.

This is pure chocolate, pure pleasure.



75% Cocoa Mass 

5% Cocoa Butter 

20% Sugar 


Single origin artisan chocolate produced by hand in Bali. 

No preservatives. No additives. Pure chocolate. Indulge. 


Enjoy the true taste and aroma of Balinese Chocolate! 


Enjoy the true flavors and aromas of Indonesian Chocolate!

Primo Chocolab is a small manufacturer of high-quality single origin chocolate based in Bali, Indonesia. Founded in 2008, we pride ourselves on our ability to oversee every aspect of production from cocoa bean sourcing to final products, ensuring the highest quality is delivered to you!

Our chocolate is processed using slow roasting and slow stone grinding methods (85+ hours), resulting in the maximum taste and aroma from our Indonesian Single Origin Cacao. We do it properly and we do it well. 


Website: Primochocolab.id 

Instagram: @primochocolab.bali 


Nutrition Facts

Serving Size (g) 25 

Serving per container 2 

Calories 150 

Calories from fat 100 

Total fat 11g (17% AKG)

Saturated fat 7g (35% AKG)

Protein 3g (4% AKG)

Carbohydrate 10g (3% AKG) 

Sugar 4g

Salt (Natrium) 0mg/100g(0% AKG) 0(0) 


Certified Halal: ID00210000527090822
BPOM RI MD: 624022011238

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