Sustainability and Quality in Chocolate: The AVPA Paris Contest

Sustainability and Quality in Chocolate: The AVPA Paris Contest
The Chocolate AVPA Paris Contest is an annual international competition that evaluates the quality and taste of chocolate products from around the world. Organized by the non-profit "Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products" (AVPA), this competition promotes premium food products while also striving to protect the environment and cultural heritage.
Last year we participated in the 2nd International Contest of "Chocolates processed at origin" that organized by AVPA. The panel of judges from the chocolate industry assesses the entries based on criteria such as aroma, appearance, taste, and texture. Winners are awarded in recognition of the excellence of their products. The competition is open to all chocolatiers, including artisanal and commercial makers, providing them with an opportunity to showcase their goods and gain recognition on an international scale. As chocolate manufacturers ourselves, we appreciate the chance to participate in this prestigious event and promote our products to a wider audience.


We entered the competition with little expectation and uncertain of the outcome. To our pleasant surprise, we were awarded a total of four medals - a gold, silver, and two bronze. Our AVPA-winning flavors were:



Full list of AVPA winners:

We would like to express our gratitude to AVPA Paris for giving us the opportunity to showcase our chocolate products to the world. It was a true honor to have our chocolates evaluated among the best in the world by expert judges. The acclaim and visibility that the competition has given us are highly appreciated. We value the work that AVPA does to support sustainable agriculture and promote high-quality food products, and we are proud to be a part of this effort. Thank you once again for this amazing experience.


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