Cacao Husk Tea

Cacao Husk Tea

We try not to waste what nature provides us. Let alone, the cocoa pod. After separating the nibs from the husk, we do not necessarily discard the husk. Cocoa husk may be consumed as well as utilized as a good fertilizer for plants. Cocoa husk offers numerous advantages, for everyone.

Cocoa husk contains antioxidants, theobromine, dietary fiber, and is high in minerals.

In other words, cocoa husk can be processed into soluble fiber, which may aid in digestion, the reduction of cholesterol and triglyceride levels, the improvement of blood sugar levels, and the promotion of a balanced diet.

Experience the benefits by trying this simple recipe!


Cocoa Husk Tea recipe:



Tea infuser OR French press (tea ball or tea pot with infuser basket)



1 cup boiling water per person.

2 teaspoons Primo Cacao Husks.



  • If using a French press, pour boiling water over the cacao husks and cover.
  • Cover the cup or pot while steeping if using a tea ball or infuser basket.
  • To extract the cacao taste completely, keep the water as hot as possible.
  • Allow 6 to 8 minutes for the tea to steep.
  • Steep for at least 10 minutes if adding milk or cream.
  • Slowly depress plunger for French press.
  • Remove the infuser ball or basket if necessary.
  • Pour into individual serving glasses.
  • If desired, add milk/cream and sweetener.

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