Compound Chocolate or Couverture Chocolate?

Compound Chocolate or Couverture Chocolate?

Compound VS Couverture

Let's have a look at what they're made of. Compound is created from cocoa powder and vegetable fats, whereas Couverture is formed from cocoa butter and cocoa mass. What exactly does this imply? It simply implies that Couverture Chocolate is the genuine article - in its most natural state. As a result, amongst the two chocolates, Couverture Chocolate is the healthier option. Cocoa butter aids in anti-aging and skin health, as well as combating renal issues and preventing heart disorders. Because compound chocolate is derived from vegetable fats, it contains trans fatty acids, which are potentially harmful to one's health.

Strictly Couverture

Primo Chocolab uses couverture chocolate rather than compound chocolate in all of its products. It's one of the reasons our chocolate treats are so delicious. You get to enjoy the rich taste of chocolate with every bite, regardless of the chocolate variants you're eating. The rich flavour and aroma of these chocolate bar delights comes from couverture chocolate. So, what exactly is couverture chocolate, and why do we insist on using it exclusively? For one thing, couverture chocolate is real chocolate, whereas compound chocolate is not. If you love chocolate, you should always choose couverture chocolate over compound chocolate.

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