Handcraft Your Own Chocolate at Primo Chocolate Factory Bali

Handcraft Your Own Chocolate at Primo Chocolate Factory Bali

Immerse yourself in the world of chocolate and absorb every step of the process from bean to bar first hand. Our chocolate workshop is available for small groups of up to 6 people only as we want our guests to absorb the full intimate experience that is creating chocolate in Bali’s tropical forest.


What You Will Be Doing



Sorting the cacao beans: Telling the difference between perfectly fermented cacao beans and non-fermented beans. Also seeing the standard of beans that are acceptable in the making of high quality chocolate. Also gives time to chat about where our beans come from, the social aspects of our production and the lengths we go to ensure an ethical supply chain.



Roasting the beans: Learning our unique method of roasting our cacao beans and the temperatures we use in order to extract the best flavours.



Crushing the beans: Crushing the beans by hand. Utilising traditional techniques to crush beans using wood and stone, finding the perfect balance of energy exertion so as to not turn the beans into dust.



Hand-winnowing the beans: Using a traditional technique of separating the skin from the nibs of the cacao bean.



Learning about the grinding process: Seeing our large grinders/melangeurs in action turning cacao nibs into cocoa paste. Learning how we built the machines and why we grind for 80+ hours straight at slow speeds.



Tempering the chocolate: You will be taught the intricacies of tempering chocolate and how to pull it off.



Molding the chocolate: you then choose chocolate molds or freehand the chocolate you just tempered into any shape you like.



All these tasks may seem daunting, and as meticulous as they are, you’d be right to feel slightly intimidated but don’t worry; you won’t be alone and will be under the expert guidance of our friendly staff and our founders.


Bali's Hidden in the Trees Chocolate Factory



Primo Chocolab located just 30 minutes from Canggu in the heart of Bali’s terracotta village. Our engaging workshop is truly a visceral experience perfect for kids, teens, adults, any age group and at any time of year thanks to Bali’s tropical climate. We’re happy to accommodate for any occasions (i.e birthdays or anniversaries) if you let us know ahead of time. Our once in a lifetime experience will not only teach you the skills and processes that go into chocolate but you will also learn many interesting things about the origin, history and development of Balinese chocolate. So what are you waiting for? Mouthwatering Balinese chocolate awaits you! 

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